The gap between intelligence and ignorance


Hello Globalbility! We are overcoming many difficulties with the differences in skin color, but we will never bridge the gap between the intelligence and the ignorance of those who govern the world. Cheers for Globalbility. Gianluca and Raffaella from Italy

Good things should be transmitted


I believe trust and respect are the base of a harmonious society. We need to realize the benefits of living in peace. Greet your neighbor, meet him, understand him and help him; create an environment of trust and respect and invite him to do the same with somebody else. Good things must to be transmitted. Lando, México City

Smile to bring hope in difficult times


In modern times, lets rescue what makes us smile: Love, commonality, our natural resources and memory. Mexico is experiencing a difficult period, from this corner of the world I want to bring hope to all those processes that are changing the world. Lets rewrite on tenderness and poetry, change the conjunctures of oppression; an innocent smile can contribute a lot. For an united world with space for different views of realities! Oscar Ulloa

Preserve our local traditions and our environment


Sometimes, the rapid development of technology does not always do good. Reduction in the use of the machine can reduce the pollution generated and make communities maintain local wisdom since they are still using traditional techniques. One of these techniques can be seen from the picture of a farmer ploughing the rice field (the front picture). Today, this is very rarely seen since the farmers are using tractors to plow the fields. Preserve our cultural traditions and local wisdom. Warm Regards, Ayu.

Choose to let your goodness come out


Hi, I believe that it will make life more liveable when humans choose to let their goodness come out. The sweetest speeches and the kindest helps for someone who can never repay you will make the world more beautiful. Love, Nasreen Thailand