Peace begins with a smile


We are not rich by what we possess but what we can do without! So... smile! Peace begins with a smile ☺ Cheers from Belgium, Herenthout Claudia (Social worker).

The income inequality is too big!

United States

The issue I find most important is income inequality! The gap between the rich and the poor is too big and growing. Nothing good will come out of this. Jeff

Not a multicultural world, but an intercultural world


Hello there, Nowadays it's very important not to shove people into minorities and majorities, have equal opportunities for rich and poor, black and white, rural and urban. It's also important to not live in a multicultural world, but in an intercultural world, where people don't just live in the same neighborhood, but are connected with each other. Hugs from St. Petersburg. Tina.

The essences of religions and beliefs


Peace be upon you. I thank you for this project, and I want my message to reach out to the whole world to support the oppressed people and enlighten the uninformed as this is how we can prevent the wars and the path to peace, good morals, tolerance and love. These are the essences of the religions and beliefs, but got spoiled by human greed. I end my letter with an invitation to read the biography of the most influential person, and to teach it to the youth, which is the prophet Mohammed Ben Abdellah peace be upon him. Ahmed Mohammed Yahya Othman

Be fearless like a newborn calf


I want to say to everyone that no matter how cruel, apathetic and dreadful the world is, we need to face it courageously. Don't be afraid. Let your spirit be fearless, just like the new-born calves. Let’s build a new world together! Ming Xian