Send a postcard for a better world

Send us a postcard with your hopes and wishes for the world to promote positive, constructive and respectful communication. You can write in any language and we will help translate it into other languages and bring your message out to the whole world. Be open, be honest, be creative ... be YOU!

We are all equal


If people make rules, then people can change them as well. We are all equal.

Love is the most important thing


Love is the most important thing. Love yourself. Love others. Strengthen your compassion every day. Slow down. Enjoy nature, beauty and art. Surround yourself with good people. And of course, have fun!

The environment and human society together


Hi Mats. Your project is awesome! I want to talk about the environment crises. The environment and human society should promote each other for common development! Hope this card will help your project. Cheers! Zeng

Act locally, think globally


The problems which currently arise are purely caused by humans. I think that we need to act locally, with our work, in good actions. Know our differences, respect the people, and don't forget education and dialogue between civilizations for a border-free world.

Know and appreciate your own culture


Respect and faith. It is necessary to restore faith in being human. To overcome the cultural barriers we must first get to know and appreciate one's own culture, wish to share it and do so. Then we can get to know other cultures and accept them, respect them. To have a better world, love and compassion are necessary. Fight to protect human life and finally protect our environment also. Mónica Itzuri Delgado Carrillo