My dreams for a truly global community

United States

We need a truly global community. Peace, love, friendship, equality, and harmony for all - regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, politics, wealth, beauty or intellect. Freedom for all. Wealth & essential resources equally distributed among all humans who inhabit the Earth. And a healthy, well-loved planet. These are my dreams. With love from San Diego, California.

We are all equal


If people make rules, then people can change them as well. We are all equal.

Love is the most important thing


Love is the most important thing. Love yourself. Love others. Strengthen your compassion every day. Slow down. Enjoy nature, beauty and art. Surround yourself with good people. And of course, have fun!

The environment and human society together


Hi Mats. Your project is awesome! I want to talk about the environment crises. The environment and human society should promote each other for common development! Hope this card will help your project. Cheers! Zeng

How can we make the world become more harmonious?


 "Uncle McDonald is perhaps the only one that this old man can rely on" I thought to myself when I first saw this postcard. Nowadays, the Chinese tradition in supporting aging parents, which is to take care of them physically and emotionally when they are getting old, is rarely observed. I cannot help wondering how on earth can we make the world become more harmonious?