We're living in an isolated and alienated society


Hong Kong is a very busy city, people spend their whole life striving for material and shelters, yet their own souls are long forgotten, lost or feeling empty. It seem that they all work for life or live for work. They've also forgot about the preciousness of relationships among one another. Don't care about the third world, not even their own country (mostly of the people who live in big city). We're living in an isolated, interpersonal alienated society. I hope we can realize when we put down the weights measures judgement... of the ideological world or to avoid being attacked while mounted ourselves with body aromos. We all are just LOVING HUMAN. Luckily, I'm living in Hongkong where there is no natural disaster and man-made calamity. However, we don't cherish what we have because of the excessive rich materials. I really hope one day all people in the world can live together peacefully and healthily, treating one another with love and kindness. Best wishes, Starry.

My dreams for a truly global community

United States

We need a truly global community. Peace, love, friendship, equality, and harmony for all - regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, politics, wealth, beauty or intellect. Freedom for all. Wealth & essential resources equally distributed among all humans who inhabit the Earth. And a healthy, well-loved planet. These are my dreams. With love from San Diego, California.

The man in the mirror

United Arab Emirates

Hello world. Be the change you wish to see, it always starts with the man in the mirror, YOU! Warm regards Kitoro Constance

Open your eyes and shut your mouth


My advice would be: listen; learn; stop thinking you know better. Don’t judge others! Travel! Open your eyes and shut your mouth. Do not miss the little apparently insignificant details in life, because those are the important ones. Love and cherish. Don’t take anything for granted. - Jaime

Fight for freedom


Hello! As you probably know the wave of ongoing demonstrations and civil unrest has hit Ukraine. And no matter what have you heard in media, this postcard represents the country that caused all the troubles, although Saint Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia is a nice city. We are fighting for freedom. You should do the same. Good luck.

More balance between work and free-time


Hello, Greeting from Singapore! Nowadays, the pace of our life become faster and faster, many people complain of the rapid pace of modern life, as a contemporary man, I really hope we have a work-life balance environment in order to spend more time with our family and friends.

Mutual respect between different religions and cultures


Greeting from Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. I hope for a world where there is communication between different religions and cultures, mutual respect and where people are encouraged to learn from each other. We need a world where people can learn to share rapidly declining resources and that gets beyond naked consumerism and self interests. Oliver Edwards.