Fight for freedom


Hello! As you probably know the wave of ongoing demonstrations and civil unrest has hit Ukraine. And no matter what have you heard in media, this postcard represents the country that caused all the troubles, although Saint Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia is a nice city. We are fighting for freedom. You should do the same. Good luck.

Communication makes anything possible


All the given topics are quite huge. The most important thing both in the world and among people is the access to talking with each other. I believe we are all born with empathy and the ability to imagine. We sometimes forget these values in our nature in the routinely harrow world we're too used to. A stage for talk can wake these up. And once we understand each other more. The world will be better. Communcation makes anything possible. Best regards from China, Sofie.

There will never be peace until God sits at the conference table


There is a song called "There will never be peace until God sits at the conference table”. Sometimes it feels like it, but there are wars stopped by normal men and women all the time. Unfortunately new ones are started too. I hope the best for your project. Janne, Finland.

A carefully constructed argument speaks volume


I think that the greatest action we can take to improve both our world and ourselves is to cultivate gratitude and appreciation of others. No matter how great or small an individuals contribution, they would be magnified in a post-apocalyptic scenario - even a brief smile could raise one above desperate lonliness, if only for a moment. The most attractive quality in another human being is thoughtfulness. The most frustrating character is thoughtlessness. Many have allowed causal business/social mannerisms to deteriorate into rude and offensive behavior with complete disregard of the receptions interpretation, which includes, but are not limited to, language barriers and cultural misunderstanding. Has playful banter at workplaces fallen into insult and lawsuits? Have we blurred the lines between self-promotion and selfishness at the expenses of others? I suggest that we recall the concept of "scruples", meaning "to hesitate"; while we value quick decisions and action, instead pause before you blurt out your gut instinct and be respectfully aware of how your words and actions affects others. A carefully constructed argument speaks volume, while offending few or none. Greetings from Canada.

Become a global society


Hello from Paris! I hope that someday it will be easier to travel, talk and live with other and different cultures, so that we can be a global society, and help each other, and learn about different cultures.

A wish for people all over the world

Hong Kong SAR China

I'm so blessed that I don't have to worry about my basic needs, food, education etc. Those in the third world don't even have a pen to write postcard. Wish people from all over the world live a healthy life. No war, no famine, no any kind of exploitation. Cheers! Casey from Hong Kong



Don't worry, be happy. Be what you wanna be. Do what you wanna do. Life is short. Do this ☺! - Steff