Fight for freedom


Hello! As you probably know the wave of ongoing demonstrations and civil unrest has hit Ukraine. And no matter what have you heard in media, this postcard represents the country that caused all the troubles, although Saint Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia is a nice city. We are fighting for freedom. You should do the same. Good luck.

A beaming world


For the people of the world to be happy the world itself needs to be beaming.

Life's too short to waste time


The most important thing in life is to care about others in one way or another. Take care of the people who need it, not  by giving them money, but with showing compassion. Be honest and reliable to the ones who love you. Life is too short to waste time.


Dear Globalbility. This postcard is from Taiwan, a small island in Asia. We have a lot of delicious food and beautiful scenery. Wish the world will become peaceful and wonderful! From Betty 19.02.2014


Hi from Denmark! You have very interesting questions. I think the answer to it is freedom for people and respect of our differences. No matter how strange and wrong the person look, if it brings no harm to others you should respect him. Best regards Irena

Remove the gaps between different nationalities and races


Hey my dear friend, How are you? Hope we can keep contact with each other all the time. Now I try to answer the questions. It is very difficult to remove the gaps between different nationalities and races. The best idea is that our youth should take the responsibility. Now I've started. I'd like to influence the people around me. Education and faiths are important in China because the situations nowdays need to be improved. -Yifan