Postcards for global social change

War. Poverty. Human rights violations.
Environmental crisis. Economic crisis.
A global political crisis?

Be yourself


I wish everyone around the world could happily and bravely be themselves. From Lai Yang City, China

Only personal qualities should count


Hey guys, I’m Yvonne, 23 years old, from Austria. The most important thing in my life are my friends. Gay, straight, bisexual. What makes me sad at the moment is that people judge other people without ever meeting them. A lesbian can be the nicest person on earth, but the bigger part of society judges her because of her sexuality. In the end only personal qualities should count. Why can’t people just accept this? Best regards, Yvonne.

Act locally, think globally


The problems which currently arise are purely caused by humans. I think that we need to act locally, with our work, in good actions. Know our differences, respect the people, and don't forget education and dialogue between civilizations for a border-free world.

Know and appreciate your own culture


Respect and faith. It is necessary to restore faith in being human. To overcome the cultural barriers we must first get to know and appreciate one's own culture, wish to share it and do so. Then we can get to know other cultures and accept them, respect them. To have a better world, love and compassion are necessary. Fight to protect human life and finally protect our environment also. Mónica Itzuri Delgado Carrillo

A good government


A good government is the one that follow the human rights observation, solves national problems in a correct way and provides protection for people against criminals.