Postcards for global social change

War. Poverty. Human rights violations.
Environmental crisis. Economic crisis.
A global political crisis?

Choose to let your goodness come out


Hi, I believe that it will make life more liveable when humans choose to let their goodness come out. The sweetest speeches and the kindest helps for someone who can never repay you will make the world more beautiful. Love, Nasreen Thailand

The essences of religions and beliefs


Peace be upon you. I thank you for this project, and I want my message to reach out to the whole world to support the oppressed people and enlighten the uninformed as this is how we can prevent the wars and the path to peace, good morals, tolerance and love. These are the essences of the religions and beliefs, but got spoiled by human greed. I end my letter with an invitation to read the biography of the most influential person, and to teach it to the youth, which is the prophet Mohammed Ben Abdellah peace be upon him. Ahmed Mohammed Yahya Othman

Be fearless like a newborn calf


I want to say to everyone that no matter how cruel, apathetic and dreadful the world is, we need to face it courageously. Don't be afraid. Let your spirit be fearless, just like the new-born calves. Let’s build a new world together! Ming Xian

Have your own brilliance and enjoy the process


Hello from Nanjing, China. Risks and crisis exist everywhere, so what we need to do is to lower the risk and enjoy the process. The so-called cultural barrier results from the lack of sincerity and honesty among people. Communication is based on trust. Couchsurfing offers me another way to experience the world. The most important thing in life is to have your own brilliance, not caring much about others' opinion. I believe the world will become better with everyone's effort. Harmonious World.