Postcards for global social change

War. Poverty. Human rights violations.
Environmental crisis. Economic crisis.
A global political crisis?

A world without borders


Hello! A postcard from Brazil showing how our country is home to many different cultures. I dream of a world without borders, in which we can travel everywhere as if we were siblings, children from the same mother! Hug, Fernando Sumiya

See the bigger picture


What matters most is that people with influence in societies and states have the ability to see the bigger picture and that they promote the welfare of populations and the cultural development, rejecting the fanaticism and avoidable confrontations.

I wish for global peace


Hello again! This postcard is written in my native language. Surely, I wish for global peace. I would like all people around the world to be keen on spiritual riches, rather than material benefits. I wish everybody to be surrounded by beautiful people and that their thoughts and ideas would always be bright and kind. All the best, Kate.