Postcards for global social change

War. Poverty. Human rights violations.
Environmental crisis. Economic crisis.
A global political crisis?

The main barrier is inequality

Dominican Republic

Hello! Unfortunately I think the scarcity of resources and food for the least privileged is one of the greatest concerns and the main barrier is inequality. Governments prefer to give fish instead of teaching how to fish, perpetuating dependency. That is what we have to change, with education, empowerment, making the most of scientific and technological advances, so no one is ever without food and health resources. Idrialis.

The big BUT


I think these line (actually advertisement for a magazine) express quite well what matters: all at a sudden there it is again: The big BUT which was at the beginning of each and everything. You have to keep asking, to disagree and to stay curious .

Comfortable life in a big green city


Hi, I'm Rini. I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Just like other big cities in other countries, Jakarta is also full of highly contrasting sceneries. You can see many luxurious cars on the street while at the same time poor kids are begging for foods. Pollution is what we breathe everyday. The amount of vehicles is increasing whereas the roads are getting narrower due to the increase of shopping center constructions. If only there were more trees, Jakarta would be more comfortable. Rini Wulandari

Fight back bravely


I hope people will not submit to the powerful any more, but can be assiduous in the efforts to fight back bravely, not considering gains or losses. Yuting Zhao, Canada

Collective happiness gives individual happiness


Without selfishness, I hope that human beings can forget their destructive dreams of human values​​, in order to allow all the inhabitants of the earth to live and be happy. Individual happiness is nourished by the collective happiness. Fatima Mbarek, Oran-Algeria